Arkhangelsk Dec. 2014


The presentations can be opened and downloaded by clicking the titles.

Black Carbon Emissions in the Nordic countries, Caroline Dickson, Ministry of the Environment, Sweden

Emission inventories in the Russian part of the Barents Region (in Russian), Vladimir Dyachkov

Regional GHG emission inventories. Helsinki Metropolitan Area example, Johannes Lounasheimo, Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY)

Cooperation on elaboration of the Regional Climate Strategy for the Russian part of the Barents Region, Ivan Popov, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Arkhangelsk Region

Climate Smart Regional Planning. Conclusions from the Workshop, Ilona Mettiäinen, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Forecast Scenarios for the Forest Sector (in Russian), Elena Surina, Northern Research Institute of Forestry, Russia

Permafrost studies in the Komi Republic, Tatiana Tyupenko, Syktyvkar State University

Joint Working Group on Education and Research, Lyubov Zarubina, Northern Arctic Federal University